Derrick Jensen

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Hailed as the philosopher poet of the environmental movement, Derrick Jensen is author of twenty-one books, including A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, and Endgame. He was named one of Utne Reader’s “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World.” His book Thought to Exist in the Wild won the Eric Hoffer Award and was second place in the Animal category of the Independent Press IPPY Awards.

In 2008, he led Press Action’s “Dynamic Dozen” and in 2006 he was the Press Action Person of the Year. He writes for Orion, Audubon, and The Sun Magazine, among many others. He holds a degree in creative writing from Eastern Washington University, a degree in mineral engineering physics from the Colorado School of Mines, and has taught at Eastern Washington University and Pelican Bay State Prison. He has packed university auditoriums, conferences, and bookstores across the nation, stirring them with revolutionary spirit.

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Books written by Derrick

A Language Older Than Words

Endgame Volume 1 : The Problem of Civilazation

Endgame Volume 2 :  Resistance

The Culture of Make Believe

Deep Green Resistance:  Strategy to Save the Planet

Earth at Risk:   Building a Resistance Movement to Save the Planet


Lives Less Valuable

Welcome to the Machine: Science, Surveillance and the Culture of Control

What We Leave Behind