Dr. Randall Eaton, PhD

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For over 20 years, Dr. Randy Eaton studied orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. He and his research volunteers actually befriended wild orcas. His video, Orca: The Sacred Whale and his book, The Orca Project~ A Meeting of Nations, examine the unique behavior of orcas and their exceptional relationship with humans across time and space.

Dr. Eaton’s communications have appeared everywhere from Science and Evolution to Sports Illustrated and Utne Reader. He has been interviewed in Sports Illustrated, Saturday Review, Omni, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. He gave a speech on ecological problems in the U.S. that was broadcast by CBS TV National News, PBS Nova interviewed him about endangered species, NPR interviewed him about the Asiaticlion, and BBC Worldwide Radio News interviewed him about youth outdoors.

Randall holds an international reputation in animal behavior, ecology, human behavioral evolution, wildlife conservation, men’s studies and zoo biology/philosophy. He also has made contribution to environmental ethics, history of science, philosophy, mythology, comparative religion, art history and indigenous wisom.

Dr. Eaton has held faculty positions in zoology, psychology and humanities at the University of Washington, the University of Georgia, Florida Atlantic University, etc. Winner of two national book awards as well as numerous writing and film awards, Dr. Eaton earned a sacred pipe in the Cherokee tradition and teaches indigenous wisdom, He teaches A Course In Miracles.

Dr. Eaton has received numerous awards and honors for his writings and productions, as well as endorsements for his lectures.