Joe Lau

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Joe Lau grew up as an unhealthy child with a diagnosis of moderate to severe asthma having inherited this condition from his father. This early struggle with life and death situations led to a lifetime of searching for a clarification and understanding of Human Nature.

Following the early death of his father, Joe sought out the aspects of Human Nature to find out what makes humans great and to problem solve their weaknesses.

This journey led him to training in wilderness and nature skills and in martial arts. Here he began to understand some of the patterns of Nature, Mother Nature and Human Nature. He also began to see the greatness of Humanity in their answering of the callings to service in the balancing roles of the Information Gatherer or Scout (Profiler), the Sustainer or Hunter-Gatherer (Provider), the Defender or Warrior (Protector) and the Saver or Healer (Preserver). His personal training theories are called the “Tao of Lau.”

These were clarified by the discoveries of the Balanced Life Value Theory as was taught by the late Dr. Robert L. Humphrey, a World War II Iwo Jima Marine and Worldwide Cross Cultural Conflict Resolutionist during the Cold War whose specialty was dealing with “Ugly Americanism.”

Currently, he is a Home Healthcare RN and a Certified Asthma Educator.  He’s  a consultant in Jack Hoban’s Resolution Group International where he lectures on Dealing with Behavioral Emergencies in Healthcare. He’s  also a member of the International Society of Genocide Scholars and the Emergency Nurses Association. Joe has taught Wilderness Skills, Ethics and Martial Arts in other parts of the US and in Germany and Japan. Formerly, he was an Emergency Room RN for six years, and was a Senior Instructor at one of the world’s largest Nature and Wilderness Survival School for 5 years. Now, Joe calls his greatest achievements to date as his being a father and husband.”

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