Tom Brown III

listen1Tom, otherwise known as “T3”, has been a practitioner and teacher of primitive technology, wilderness survival, tracking, and nature observation since an early age. Trained from birth by his father, Tom Brown, Jr., founder of the world-renowned Tracker School, Tom is one of the world’s foremost  instructors of primitive technology and primitive wilderness survival.

tombrownFor several years, Tom Brown traveled the United States practicing the arts of primitive living throughout many different wilderness areas, as well as practicing his urban survival techniques in major cities across the country.  Upon returning to Tracker School in 2003, he became head instructor and helped educate thousands of students from all over the world.  In late 2009, Tom formed Primitive Arts Collective in order to take his teaching to a broader audience.  He currently teaches workshops and lectures throughout the United States, helping to educate people in ancestral traditions and keep alive the skills that were once at the core of daily life.

Tom is an avid hunter and fly angler, and is accomplished as an archer and marksman.  He is also a master of the throwing arts.

His vision for Primitive Arts Collective is re-education. Teaching people of a time when our species lived according to natural laws and in harmony with the natural world. When we re-establish our connection with the natural world we become whole again, allowing us to lead a “natural” life while still existing in modern society.

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