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In the early 1990’s, Victor Wooten‘s curiosity was peaked while reading a book called The Tracker, a true account of the life of wilderness survival expert and tracker Tom Brown Jr. Shortly after reading that book, Victor spent nearly ten years studying under Tom and other instructors learning the ancient art of tracking, awareness, and survival. In his studies, Victor found a common thread. What his teachers called Nature, Victor called Music. Borrowing proven skills, techniques, and philosophies from his Nature teachers, and combining them with many years of learning Music from his brothers, Regi, Roy (Future Man), Rudy, and Joseph, Victor developed a new and unique approach to Music; an approach that not only caused him to immediately play better, but also directly improved his Life.

In the early 90s, Victor also began touring the world with the super-group Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. This proved to be the ideal playground for him to test and further perfect his skills as well as develop new ones. Originally reserved for only himself, an inner urging persuaded him to share these new insights and techniques with as many people as possible.

Following this urge, Victor began teaching private lessons. Soon after, as word spread of something new happening on the music scene, he was asked to begin giving master classes and clinics. This allowed him to develop even more effective ways of passing this information on to others – and in the year 2000, Victor Wooten’s Music and Nature Camps was born.

Since the beginning, Victor has made a point to teach full time at every one of his camps, and now, with the acquisition of Wooten Woods Retreat, the 147-acre Tennessee riverfront home to all of his camps, Victor and his staff are able to reach more people. Originally only for bass guitarists, VIX Camps (now cruising into its fourteenth year) has expanded to include all instruments and vocalist and offers more camps of varying lengths and topics

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